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Frequently Asked Questions (click to show) 1. Where I can find links to download files after the payment?
Links are shown on checkout success page immediately after the order placed. Also a message is sent on your PayPal email with links to download files. It may be gone to spam folder - check it please too. Sign in to your account using login and password sent on your PayPal email, go to My Downloads page and download ordered files.

2. Do I need to register account to order and download files?
You can make order as a guest without registering account - it will be created automatically. Details (login and password) will be sent on your PayPal email after the order placed.

3. Is watermark shown on original large size images?
Watermark is shown only on thumbnails on website. Original large size files have NO website's watermark.

4. May I use images in commercial purposes?
Yes. With each JPG file comes TXT file with title of book, where from image was scanned. This information usually contains the year of publishing, country and names of author (usually with years of life) of picture. You can check and make sure yourself, is the image in public domain in your country before using it. Please keep in minde that there is always a small chance of our mistake. Anyway, you may use them in commercial purposes there at your own risk. We do not mind this.

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